One of our primary focus in Farm and Home Supply is farming and livestock. Therefore we have some tips on how to feed and manage your herd. We are mainly focused on cattle, chicken, fish, pigs, goats, and horse. We have all that you need to maintain this herd and to get the best products from them.

We can teach you a thing or two on how to feed them the right foods, how to raise them and how to keep them healthy. Let us look at the livestock mainly chicken, horse, and cattle.

We have you sorted if you feel like raising chickens to be it for commercial purpose or just home needs. We teach you how to raise chickens by providing the best chick feeds, treats, cages, incubators, chicken coops and heat lamps. We teach you a few tips on how to keep them healthy to increase their egg production or meat.

As you know, chickens are easy to raise, buy and still, their rewards are great. However, before you visit us for advice or chicken feeds, we advise you to look at all the factors. Do you have the time to take care of them, to feed them and to nurse them for at least two hours a day? If you don’t, it is not advisable that you raise them since it will only bring losses and no rewards in the long run.

Once the chicks are out of their coop, you will need to get chicken supplies that are of quality. You will need feeders, grit, scratch, feeders, bedding, shavings, medicated feed and waterers among more. You have to make sure they are the right chicken supplies to get the right results, luckily, we provide you with all these products and at a reasonable price.

If you are love horses, you will need to get the best feeds, tankers and feed bags among more. At Farm and Supply company, we provide you with the best products and at the same time teach you how to raise your horses, feed them as well as maintain them. To do that, we provide you with products such as dewormers, saddle pads, protective boots, beddings, muzzles and feeds such as Manna pro apple wafers, Manna Pro Hoofs ax, and Nutrena safechoice maintenance horse feed among more.

Just like horses, you will need the best feeds, tankers, bedding among other supplies to get the best of your cattle. At farm & Supply company, we provide you with the best products such as Y-Tex Cattle Identification Ear Tags, American Stockman 50lb Agricultural Salt Block, Gallagher Lil Spring Waterer A3000, poly oval stock tank, Farm & Home Supply Straw Bale and Nutrena cracked corn feed among more.