About Us

Farm & Supply company is an agricultural company that seeks to reach out to its community to provide the best products and services. It has been in operation for more than 50 years, and in those years, it has gained nothing but growth and good reviews. We are proud to be part of such an organization since we are not only focused on making profits but also in touching the hearts of those around us.

To give a brief history, Farm & Supply company was established in 1960 by the family of Mr. & Mrs. Karl Bowles and Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Baker. The two families are lovers of farming, and that is why they decided to focus on farming products. By them being farmers, they were able to get the products which were most crucial to farming and livestock keeping. They used their experience to help other farmers grow to a level that each of them felt satisfied.

50 years down the line and still the owners are farmers. Not only are they farmers but also, they live in the same communities where we have our stores. By being part of the community, people can relate to them and seek advice when needed. Most importantly, we have employees that are dedicated and passionate about their work. They have had experience in agriculture for a long time to know what you need.

We have the chance to partner with some of the best companies in the agriculture industry. That means we have access to their products and services not to mention their knowledge. We can tap from them knowledge wise to know what is best for our farmers. In so doing, we only have products that can flourish your farm or livestock.

Over the years, we have managed to expand to twelve stores from one single small store. Also, we have our website which you can access to find all the information you may need about us. We are grateful to those people in our community because this growth could not be there without their support. We have always valued your reviews and comments on the services we provide you with. In so doing, we have learned our successes and failures, and that gives us a chance to change our failures into successes.

Once in a while, we give back to the society by participating in community service projects as well as anything the community may need. We can grow by appreciating those around us and knowing that our best and most valuable asset is you. With that, we can offer you the best customer services as well as products.

If you are looking for livestock products, farm tools, irrigation and drainage products, automotive, sporting goods, footwear, clothing, small animals, and pets among other farm needs, Farm and Supply is the place to be. We will not only heed your need but also surpass it. Feel free to visit our stores as well as our website for more information.

Remember: Broughton farm & Supply company is only here because of you. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries. And if you need to know if we are trustworthy, try research our reviews to see what our customers say about us. If you need more reviews, we have customer contact references that we can offer you to contact a few of our customers so you can hear directly from them.

Join us in promoting the agricultural industry.