Broughton Farm & Supply

Broughton farm & Supply is a company that is devoted to serving farmers to the best of its ability. We have grown from a small store to the company we are today. It is a one-stop shop for all your agricultural needs. If you are looking for a farm product or item such as fencing gates, hydraulics, sporting goods such as outdoor cooking and boats, farm tools and hardware or livestock among more, the chances are that you will find all of them in our store.

What is our history?

As established earlier, we started out as a single small store which was known as Quincy Farm Supply. That was back in 1960. It was founded by two ordinary families namely Mr. & Mrs. Karl Bowles and Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Baker. Since then, we have managed to expand our operations tremendously. Currently, we have twelve more physical stores as well as an e-commerce website which was launched in 2015.

To get here, we have worked hard and dedicated all our efforts towards growing our operations. More so, we have employees that are focused, energetic, learned and experienced. With the right workforce and determination, we have managed to serve regions that have millions of people, and so far, we cannot complain.

Farm & Supply company has always been owned by local families and even now, it is owned by families who have been in the agricultural business. That means, we offer services that we would like to be offered since we also need the same products and services to flourish in our farms. To have a great and smooth life in the Midwest, you just need to contact us and all your farm or home needs will be served.

We have managed to stay in business over the years because we have dedicated our efforts to serve our customers with honesty and passion. At the same time, we care about our community at large since this is where we live and raise our families. We provide you with products and services that are unique and of quality. We are proud to offer you customized label products, major brands and other items offered by vendors and boutiques and we even went virtual. We always looking for fun elements that we can use as a great inspiration, that’s why we helped some software developers with developing online casino farming games that includes gratis spins geen storting because the virtual are very similar to farming in real life, the difference is that you won’t get dirty! So during our spare time we usually hang out a try some of these slots.

In all our stores, we have different departments to make sure all your needs are met and that you are served as fast as possible. Some of our main departments include toys, gifts, and novelties, hunting and shooting, clothing, footwear, farm and agriculture, automotive, livestock, brands, lawn and garden, sporting goods and pets among more. So, whatever you need, you just have to visit the right department, and you will be served. With all these units, you can get all you need under one roof.

We have partnerships with some of the well-known companies, and that enables us to share ideas as well as get some of the products we don’t produce as a farm, at a reasonable price. We are a component of the Mid – States Distributing Company which has various ranch and farm retailers located in different parts of Canada and US. Lastly, many companies have asked us to organize events at our farm. Have a look at our latest event with leovegas!

Let us look at some of our products offered in different departments.